LMS uses sustainable energy

Together with MEERX group GmbH, we at LMS are in the process of converting to more energy-efficient systems. Our goal is to be able to provide our required energy self-sufficiently through innovative systems. MEERX is our strong partner and supervises all our energy conversion projects. At the core of the conversion is, for example, a combined heat and power plant (CHP) for the use of cogeneration and the efficient purchase of energy on the spot market but also smaller optimizations such as modern forklift truck systems with lithium-ion batteries and the conversion to LED lights.
Our Chief Executive Officer Mathieu Purrey comments:

“At LMS, we are suppliers to the automotive industry for exterior parts. We belong to a sector that has to master the energy transition by driving it ourselves. Therefore, we are retooling […] This is how we stay competitive! In MEERX we have a congenial partner and entrust it as general contractor with all our energy efficiency projects.”

And Manuel Baumgartner, Partner and Head of Energy Efficiency at MEERX said:

“LMS goes its way very consistently to remain crisis-proof and competitive. We contribute the know-how on photovoltaics, LED, CHP and the latest heating technologies. The fact that LMS and Mathieu Purrey trust in our expertise is a great honor for us.

Energy-intensive industries need to retool to safeguard themselves! This has never been more evident than in recent weeks. We are ready.”

A sustainable future and environmental protection is the responsibility of every single company. LMS plays an important part in this and invests in innovative solutions for more ecological and economic sustainability.