We’re thrilled to announce this truly marking chapter for us: Light Mobility Solutions GmbH (LMS) is from now on part of Amaneos, a group of three established, highly specialized automotive suppliers.

By bringing together the three specialized, independently operating companies LMS, MoldTecs and SFC under one roof, Amaneos is poised to become a truly global mobility partner in the automotive space.

Our global strength is a core asset, and as part of Amaneos we’re uniquely positioned to draw on decades of staff expertise, research and development centers around the world, and the latest production technologies to develop ground-breaking products and systems — with the agility of a start-up.

Our operational footprint remains independent, but our competencies underline the Group’s focus on growing operational experience and meeting challenges heads-on. We’re well prepared for the future!

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A lot of effort has gone into our new website, but we think the result is something to be proud of! Starting from our previous website, we have fundamentally revised all areas.

We started with a new company profile that includes all relevant key data, information on all LMS locations and management profiles. We also present our products in a new way. For this purpose, we use new 3D models of a car and truck, so that our customers immediately get a detailed understanding of which components are produced by LMS. To make the overview even more valuable, we have highlighted all of our 8 areas of expertise in detail. This allows our customers and anyone interested to understand exactly what processes take place at LMS and how we have structured our company.

Finally, through our revised career overview, we offer potential new employees the direct opportunity to find out about all open positions at all our locations. If something has sparked their interest, we also now offer the opportunity to apply directly to LMS via our contact form.

We sincerely hope that all visitors enjoy our new website and welcome any feedback.

At the beginning of 2022, our electroplating plant was converted to the modern Chrome-III coating process. This new process uses a lower chromium content in the processes, resulting in several advantages at once. Thanks to the lower chromium content, significantly fewer harmful waste products are produced after use. On the one hand, this reduces the burden on the environment, and on the other, our employees are even better protected from negative influences during their work. The new process also offers outstanding properties in terms of durability and corrosion resistance. Last but not least, by switching to the Chrome-III process, we also comply with all the necessary EU directives and regulations on occupational health and safety and sustainability.

Thanks to this step toward advanced technologies, LMS is making a valuable contribution to greater safety for its own employees and also to the social, ecological and economic sustainability of the company.

Together with MEERX group GmbH, we at LMS are in the process of converting to more energy-efficient systems. Our goal is to be able to provide our required energy self-sufficiently through innovative systems. MEERX is our strong partner and supervises all our energy conversion projects. At the core of the conversion is, for example, a combined heat and power plant (CHP) for the use of cogeneration and the efficient purchase of energy on the spot market but also smaller optimizations such as modern forklift truck systems with lithium-ion batteries and the conversion to LED lights.
Our Chief Executive Officer Mathieu Purrey comments:

“At LMS, we are suppliers to the automotive industry for exterior parts. We belong to a sector that has to master the energy transition by driving it ourselves. Therefore, we are retooling […] This is how we stay competitive! In MEERX we have a congenial partner and entrust it as general contractor with all our energy efficiency projects.”

And Manuel Baumgartner, Partner and Head of Energy Efficiency at MEERX said:

“LMS goes its way very consistently to remain crisis-proof and competitive. We contribute the know-how on photovoltaics, LED, CHP and the latest heating technologies. The fact that LMS and Mathieu Purrey trust in our expertise is a great honor for us.

Energy-intensive industries need to retool to safeguard themselves! This has never been more evident than in recent weeks. We are ready.”

A sustainable future and environmental protection is the responsibility of every single company. LMS plays an important part in this and invests in innovative solutions for more ecological and economic sustainability.

On October 01, 2021, the Center for Engineering and Testing in Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg, was successfully integrated into Light Mobility Solutions GmbH. Previously, the center, as well as the three locations in Obertshausen, Sulzbach and Idar-Oberstein, belonged to Magna Exteriors GmbH. In the course of the takeover by Mutares, the integration of the Engineering and Testing Center has now also been completed. At the Esslingen site, 25 employees work in a wide variety of areas, including prototype construction and component validation. Our testing capabilities include a wide range of environmental simulations, temperature, corrosion and aging tests.

The technical expertise in industrial engineering and testing enables LMS to provide very comprehensive customer support. By building models and prototypes, validation of new ideas is straightforward. Our experts can then take products through to the production stage. In addition, all important standards can be met and components passed through sampling processes. Our goal is to provide a perfect end-to-end package for our customers with our services. The Center for Engineering and Testing in Esslingen makes a decisive contribution to this.

In July 2021, Mutares SE & Co. KGaA successfully acquired three exterior plants of Magna – Obertshausen, Sulzbach and Idar-Oberstein. The acquisition renames the three plants “Light Mobility Solutions” GmbH – LMS. The company and its approximately 1,700 employees will continue to supply internationally renowned OEMs in the automotive sector with exterior components.

Mutares is an investment company that acquires medium-sized companies in transitional situations. Through a sustainable realignment and restructuring, potentials are uncovered and profitability is strengthened.
As an active investor, which on the one hand provides operational support with an in-house consulting team, and on the other hand pursues a buy-and-build approach for new investments with strategic acquisitions by its own investment team, Mutares can achieve significant and sustainable increases in value of the portfolio companies. Thus, the acquired investments can be led back to a stable growth path.